Apple's Black Friday sale lasts four times longer this year, but good luck finding actual deals .

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Apple’s Black Friday sale lasts four times longer this year, but good luck finding actual deals | Macworld

Gift cards lead the way, but exciting deals are almost impossible to find.

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When Apple teased us with a four-day shopping event for Black Friday this year, we were intrigued. Not only does Apple historically treat Black Friday as a single-day affair, ignoring the rest of the weekend and Cyber Monday, it also doesn’t offer much in the way of any real savings on its newest products. So we were hopeful that things might be different this year.

But unless Apple plans on surprising us with new sales each day—and we have no reason to believe it will—the current offerings are just as unimpressive as they were last year. Instead of actual savings, your “discount” comes in the form of an Apple Store gift card (so you have to buy more stuff), and Apple has once again excluded any of the new products people want. (At first glance it looks like the new iPads are part of the sale, since Apple has adorned the old models with the new Pro wallpaper, but sadly that’s not the case.) Here's everything Apple is includingRemove non-product link as part of the sale:

$25 gift card

Apple TV
Apple TV 4K

$50 gift card

iPhone 7/7 Plus
iPhone 8/8 Plus
9.7-inch iPad
iPad mini 4
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS/GPS+Cellular
Beats Studio3
Beats Solo3

$100 gift card

10.5-inch iPad Pro

$200 gift card

MacBook Pro (all models)
MacBook Air (2017 model)
iMac (all models)
Mac Pro

The best deal here is probably the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarRemove non-product link, which brings the effective price down to $1,599. We wrote an extensive comparison of Apple’s smaller notebooks, but that configuration is well worth that discount, with 256GB of storage, an eighth-gen processor, True Tone display, and four USB-C ports. But otherwise, you'll find better deals on these products elsewhere.